A lightweight image editor with advanced features — for photographers and designers.

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Try the preview version of Fotografix 2 to see how image adjustments are easier with the new user interface and faster with the new graphics engine.

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Roozz brings Fotografix to the browser

Roozz is a browser plugin that enables a number of applications, including Fotografix, to be run directly within your browser.

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  • Enhance photos by correcting exposure and colour
  • Improve composition by cropping and rotating photos
  • Use multiple layers for complex compositions
    • Apply adjustments non-destructively using adjustment layers
    • Add text using text layers that can be edited at any time
  • Create special effects using a variety of filters
  • Work with images in most popular file formats, including Photoshop (PSD) and GIMP (XCF)

Language Files

Fotografix is available in more than a dozen languages. To use a language file, right-click below and save the file in your Fotografix folder; then use the File > Choose Language menu command to change the language.

BulgarianБългарскиlang_bg.ini1.5Nikolay Zhelev
CatalanCatalàlang_ca.ini1.5vestidos y trajes
Chinese (Simplified)中文 (简体)lang_zh-cn.ini1.4.1DK
CzechČeštinalang_cz.ini1.5Marek Krida
DutchNederlandslang_nl.ini1.5Gerrit Jan Nieuhoff
GermanDeutschlang_de.ini1.5Benjamin Wilde / Stefan Rudolf
Hindiहिन्दीlang_hi.ini1.4.1Ravishankar Shrivastava
HungarianMagyarlang_hu.ini1.5Köhler Zsolt
ItalianItalianolang_it.ini1.5P. Malvezzi / G. Margarito
PolishPolskilang_pl.ini1.5Michal / Gotrek(3.City/PL)
Portuguese (Portugal)Português (Europeu)lang_pt.ini1.4.1Manuel Fernandes
Portuguese (Brazilian)Português (do Brasil)lang_pt-br.ini1.4.1Chateaubriand Vieira Moura
RussianРусскийlang_ru.ini1.5P. Semin / Talyan
SlovakSlovenskýlang_sk.ini1.5Peter Bachratý
SwedishSvenskalang_sv.ini1.5Åke Engelbrektson
TurkishTürkçelang_tr.ini1.4.1Cemal Dursun

Interested in translating Fotografix? Simply make a copy of an existing language file (eg. lang_en.ini) and translate the text in that file to your desired language. If you create a new language file, please let me know so that I can include it here.