How to resize photos in Fotografix

Fotografix is a fully-featured photo editor, but sometimes all you want to do is resize a few photos, and Fotografix is designed to make simple tasks like this quick and effortless. Open Fotografix and select the folder containing your photos. Select the photos that you want to resize. You can select more than one photoContinue reading “How to resize photos in Fotografix”

How to compile a Direct2D linkable shader in Visual Studio

Effect shader linking is a Direct2D optimization that links multiple shaders together so that they can be rendered in a single pass. If you’re writing custom shaders, you want to ensure that they are linking compatible in order to take advantage of this optimization. The official documentation explains how to author and compile such effects,Continue reading “How to compile a Direct2D linkable shader in Visual Studio”

A fresh start for Fotografix

When I started working on Fotografix in 2008, I envisioned it to be primarily a tool for photo editing. Although the original release included basic drawing and composition tools, these were ancillary to its core function and never sophisticated enough to be useful to other audiences such as artists or designers. Today, I am happyContinue reading “A fresh start for Fotografix”

League Handbook: a League of Legends reference app for Windows 10

I recently started playing with Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform, which lets developers write a single app that works across all form factors (mobile and PC right now, Xbox and HoloLens in the near future). Obviously something like Fotografix doesn’t make much sense on a phone (at least not yet) and not everyone has upgraded theirContinue reading “League Handbook: a League of Legends reference app for Windows 10”

SimpleStream: a simpler way to use Java 8 Streams

When Java 8 came out last year, it finally introduced lambdas, a much-awaited language feature, and along with it, a new way to manipulate data in the form of streams. While streams make it significantly easier to perform aggregate operations on collections, common tasks still involve boilerplate code that could easily be eliminated. For example:Continue reading “SimpleStream: a simpler way to use Java 8 Streams”

Quick Implement plugin for Eclipse

If you use Eclipse for Java development, you’re probably familiar with the magic Ctrl+1 hotkey that provides all sorts of context-sensitive suggestions. One of the actions missing from the standard Java IDE is to quickly implement an interface when the cursor is hovering over its declaration. I tend to do this quite often, so I endedContinue reading “Quick Implement plugin for Eclipse”