My name is Madhavan Lakshminarayanan. I’m a software engineer by profession, but I’ve also been tinkering with my own little software projects for over 20 years. I believe in simple software that just does the job, as opposed to bloated software that many commercial applications have come to be.

A bit of history…

I originally started this website back in 2004 as a simple page to share my software projects with the world. It was hosted on GeoCities and titled Madhavan’s Software Page.

My first application that received a bit of attention was a file search tool called Snowbird, which performed better than the built-in search tool in Windows XP at the time, especially for finding text inside files. Fun fact: Snowbird was only 20 KB in size, but my website would go down frequently because GeoCities had an hourly bandwidth limit of about 4 MB.

GeoCities eventually shut down in 2009, which is when I moved the website to my current domain. That was also the year I released an image editor called Fotografix which has since been my most downloaded application. Most of my older software is no longer relevant these days, but I continue to actively maintain Fotografix.