League Handbook: a League of Legends reference app for Windows 10

I recently started playing with Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform, which lets developers write a single app that works across all form factors (mobile and PC right now, Xbox and HoloLens in the near future). Obviously something like Fotografix doesn’t make much sense on a phone (at least not yet) and not everyone has upgraded their desktops to Windows 10, so I set out to build something simple.


League Handbook is pretty mundane as far as apps go, but possibly useful if you play League of Legends and have a device that runs Windows 10. It’s a digital reference book for the game that lets you look up details about champions and items. And that’s about it.

SimpleStream, a simpler way to use Java 8 Streams

When Java 8 came out last year, it finally introduced lambdas, a much-awaited language feature, and along with it, a new way to manipulate data in the form of streams. While streams make it significantly easier to perform aggregate operations on collections, common tasks still involve boilerplate code that could easily be eliminated. For example:

// Collect names into a list

// Compute sum of salaries

Wouldn’t it be nicer to write something like this instead?

// Collect names into a list

// Compute sum of salaries

SimpleStream is a wrapper around Java 8 Streams that lets you write more concise code, like in the above example. It’s a single Java file that you can drop into your project and start using immediately.

Learn more and download on GitHub

Quick Implement plugin for Eclipse

If you use Eclipse for Java development, you’re probably familiar with the magicĀ Ctrl+1 hotkey that provides all sorts of context-sensitive suggestions. One of the actions missing from the standard Java IDE is to quickly implement an interface when the cursor is hovering over its declaration. I tend to do this quite often, so I ended up writing a plugin for it.

The Quick Implement plugin extends the Java editor and provides actions to quickly implement an interface or extend a class. These actions are triggered by the standard quick assist shortcut (Ctrl+1) while the cursor is over an interface or class declaration.


How to install:

Download the plugin JAR file and save it in the dropins directory under your Eclipse installation.

A Brief History of Time

It’s been ten years since I originally launched this website. Back in 2004, I created a small webpage dubbed “Madhavan’s Software Page” on GeoCities, to share some of my early software projects with the world. The Internet was a very different place back then: smartphones as we know them today didn’t exist, social networks were still an alien breed, and “cloud” was something you saw up in the sky.

Technology has changed over time, and a lot of my older software has lost relevance over the past few years. Today, along with the move to WordPress, I’ve finally decided to toss out the old stuff.