Modern photo editor for Windows

Your original photos are never modified directly. Instead, Fotografix keeps track of your individual adjustments so you can come back at any time to tweak or revert your changes.

HSL sliders allow you to make independent adjustments to different color ranges. You can enhance, mute or even completely change specific colors in your photo. Learn more

Fotografix makes full use of your computer's graphics hardware to display real-time previews. The rendering pipeline is optimized to perform well even on modest hardware.

Feature comparison


Adobe Lightroom

Microsoft Photos
Free and open source Creative Cloud subscription Included with Windows
Basic adjustments
Non-destructive editing
Batch export/resize
Selective color adjustments
Local adjustments
Photo organization

Frequently asked questions

What are the system requirements for Fotografix?

Fotografix requires a device running Windows 10 or 11. While Fotografix should run just fine on any modern hardware, a dedicated graphics card can help improve editing performance.

How can I report a problem or suggest a feature?

Issues are tracked on GitHub. Please check to see if your problem or feature request already has an open issue before creating a new one.

Where can I find the old version of Fotografix?

Version 1.5 was the final release of the old Fotografix that offered general-purpose image editing features. If you are still interested in this version, it is available on the GitHub releases page.